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PBC Summary Reminder



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  • Isabel Messore

    Welcome to the Community Austin Nkanka!

    I'm sure a report could be created for this, but I don't believe there's any way for an email to automatically be sent based on that report at the time. The current email behavior should be such that an assignee's emails will be grouped together for all outstanding requests - it'll still be one email per request, but they'll all be delivered in the same email thread. 

    In terms of creating the report, the Tasks tab in Home can be used for users to review/respond to the actions they've been assigned, including outstanding requests. Another option for looking at all outstanding requests is by exporting the Process Status report to CSV and filter by "Sent" or "Approval" items, which will show items not completed.
    What you're suggesting sounds very useful though! I've shared the idea (both the report and email aspect) with our product development team for their consideration. They'll be sure to keep you updated on any advancements around this! 

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