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Error message for first-time users when loging in




  • Isabel Messore

    Welcome to the Community Thibault Gasquet!

    I have seen this a lot with Users that are using expired password reset links. The reset password link is only good for 24 hrs, so it may be beneficial to go through the trouble logging in option on the login page, or having the Org Admin send a new Password reset email!

    There are a few other possible reasons for this, which Support might be able to better explain. I've given them your contact and they should be in touch!

  • Thibault Gasquet

    Hi Isabel Messore, thank you for your insight ! 

    The links were not expired as they used them on the same day that I sent them, and I've already tried to send out new invites/reset their passwords. I'll try it once again just in case.  


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