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#Value! errors in spreadsheet




  • Liz Walters

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for your question!  I believe this is resulting in a value error because Workiva Spreadsheets do not support arrays at this time. However, we do want to add support for arrays in the future. It's not likely that we'll be seeing this in 2023, but I will add you to the feature request so we can notify you about any updates. 


  • Trang Ho

    Hi Liz,

    thanks for the feedback. Do you know the estimated time when the array formula will be available?



  • Mike

    Hi Trang Ho At this time there's no estimated delivery for support of the ARRAY formula, though it does remain proposed with our product team and is on our list of popular items. We'll get you added and will keep you updated here on any progress going forward. Thanks for chiming in and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Kellie Volpicelli

    Hi Mike, do you have any update on when arrays might be supported in Wdesk?  Tks!

  • Isabel Messore

    Kellie Volpicelli,

    Unfortunately, there are no updates at this time but it does remain proposed with our product team - we'll be sure to update you if any progress is made!


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