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Automating users addition to workspace




  • Courtnie Carver

    Hello Deepshikha, 

    Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. However, I have gone ahead and created you a ticket for our products team for potential implementation. You will be updated on the status/progress of this ticket going forward. 

    Additionally, if you are interested, you can view our current API's here

    Anyone passing by is also encouraged to vote up/comment on this suggestion.

  • Deepshikha Pant

    Thanks Courtnie.

    Until we have this solution n place, I am trying to utilize APIs to semi-automate the process. I am able to use SCIM APIs to create a user, however for assigning roles, there are specific role codes it is asking and I am not able to find any API or document that we will give me role ids automatically. Is there any way or I have to pull it manually?

  • Marinus Van den Broek

    Is there any update on automating the addition of users in a group used in a certification process?  Regarding the role codes when using API's can you please provide a link or document where these role codes can be found. 

    Thank you

  • Mike

    Hi Deepshikha and Marinus,

    I'll see if I can ping the right folks for the role codes and get back you both ASAP.

    Lemme ask too on any updates regarding this functionality on the whole, and with regards to Certifications too. Hold tight!

  • Mike

    Got a quick update for you both here.

    Workiva is working on some Public API for doing things with Groups as well as Roles, but those are in prototype and the documentation is here, though it is not all the way there yet. Those can be found here: If the Roles, Groups , any other prototype endpoints look helpful but our info is still lacking, let us know and we can arrange in getting more assistance.
    Secondly, there are currently not any Public APIs for Processes yet. I'm also awaiting info on the codes for roles from our SCIM team.
  • Mike

    And here ya go on the Roles bit.

    In Step 4 in this public documentation goes over what we believe you are looking for. Essentially you would not use the role ids, but instead the role name.
    Your identity provider must push/pull SCIM groups by their display names, following a specific convention described below.
    Hope that helps some. Let us know what further questions you have, otherwise have a great day!
  • Deepshikha Pant

    Thanks Mike.


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