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Outline Labels - How do you use?



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  • Regan

    Hi Murphy! A simple way to expand your outline label structure is also using them when organizing your comments! Not sure if you already use this, but thought I should mention it! Excited to read how other members use their outline labels! 

    Happy Tuesday! 

  • Ron

    We don't have other departments reviewing - but here is how we use our "dots". We use a color with our name to let other team members know who is assigned to or working on a note. When the note is done, it is changed to ready for review. The note is reviewed and changed to "ready for XBRL" and when the XBRL is reviewed, it is changed to "Final". Any changes after a note is marked final must be changed back to ready for XBRL and the XBRL reviewers notified. 

    I'm curious to see how others answer.

  • Murphy Sauceman

    I am interested in in the new Processes file type. That might help out some of the issues.