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Data quality committee US 0099.9533 error rule version 14.1.1



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  • Greg Poznic


    You are getting this error because somewhere in your document you have XBRL Concepts (i.e. us-gaap...) in your document and outline that should be used in a calculation assertion. XBRL expects that specific XBRL concepts, if used, will be included in at least one calculation assertion. Sometimes, concepts are used in parenthetical sections and/or line item captions in tables, thus you would not be able to use them in a calculation assertion. You need to determine if the specific XBRL concept this error relates to, can or cannot be used in a calculation assertion. If it cannot be used, this DQC error will remain, but it will not prevent you from completing a successful filing.

  • Mike

    Great insights, Greg, and thanks for the assist! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️