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XBRL Validation Error - Concept is a Child of itself



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  • Madison Ames

    Hi Alexander Haller

    Thank you for reaching out. Follow up question for you, are you using the same axis/domain more than once in the same outline section? If yes, the same members must be nested under both. For example if table one contains the "Property Plant and Equipment [Axis]" with the "Land [Member]" and "Buildings [Member]" nested,  table two will also need to nest both of those members for the second instance of the "Property Plant and Equipment [Axis]". If you do not want the members nested under both you will need to create two different detail outline sections.

    Hope this helps! Happy Tagging!

  • Alexander Haller

    Hi Madison,


    That was one the solutions that I tried, but doing so didn't clear the error and it created additional ones that I could only clear by deleting the members that I added.

    We since found a solution, which was to create additional detail sections to that Financial Note and move the tables to separate detail sections. It just seemed odd, because we have other financial note sections that do this same thing and it does not cause an error.