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Beverage Break: 2023 Year in Review



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  • Kim Gresham

    Thank you to everyone that joined our final event for the year! It was a lot of fun getting to connect and talk about some of our personal achievements and goals. It's a great reminder that there is more to life than accounting. :)

    Here's a little of what was covered during the first part of the event:

    • Workiva now supports language preferences on your profile for 8 languages!
    • Updating you preferred language updates a lot of the UI that you see in the Platform
    • Our wonderful Support content also supports these 8 languages as well
    • We've started to translate some of our eLearning content to help global teams learn in their preferred language

    Happy holidays everyone! As always, we appreciate your feedback on this months event and would love your help planning topics for next year. See you next year!