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Outgoing Connections Refresh



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  • Emily Herold

    Hi, Jackie! I have forwarded your recommendation to our product team and you will be informed of any updates on this. We appreciate your feedback! Anybody reading this is welcomed to vote up or comment as well.

  • Mitchell King

    Has there been any update on this? I can see the post is from a year a go, we have a lot of outgoing connections, and it would be a lot simpler if there was one button to refresh all!

  • Tony Scalese

    Hi Mitchell,

    I'll be sure to follow-up with the product manager to see if this has been added to the roadmap or not.  One option especially if you have a lot of Spreadsheets that need to refresh outgoing connections would be to use a Chain to do so.  This Command from the Workiva connector would help you.  If you want to talk through this, please reach out to your CSM and ask that they schedule a call with our Connected Center of Excellence.  We're here to help!


  • Gabriel Franco

    Good morning!!!

    We are currently working with some connectors and we miss the refresh outgoing connections connector. Has been any advance since the last post? Is there any other way to do so? 



  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Gabriel Franco, the refresh all for outgoing connections is not available yet. However, following Tony's comment above, Refresh Connections and/or Refresh Batch of Connections commands in Chains can help to achieve this functionality.


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