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Hyphenation of line breaks



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  • Mike Davis

    Hi Maximiliam!

    I think I follow you here. You mean that when a sentences runs over and breaks a word, having the option to hyphenate that word across the break, correct? If so, I do not find that functionality in Workiva as of yet though it has been requested. I am happy to get your request for that logged as well. We'll be in touch on next steps.

    In the meantime, I'd be interested as well the approaches others are taking here, so thanks for bringing this up. 

  • Lena L

    We never break up a word and hyphenate.  We use the "justified align" so the document is always aligned on the right and looks more professional.

  • Maximilian Egerer

    Hey Mike,

    Thank you for your quick reply. Yeah exactly. Currently we always need to type in the character by hand if we want to hyphenate a word across the break.

    Feel free to contact me if you need further information for that request.

    kind regards,


  • Franz Weinberger

    Dear all, 

    i would like to push that Feature Request! We have the same experience, as a lot of our teams using the automated Hyphenation in MS Word. Especially in the german language, where the word could be very long, such a feature would be very helpful. 


    Best, Franz


  • Glenn Parker

    Aesthetically speaking, automatic hyphenation is extremely desirable when using fully justified paragraph formatting. Breaking up longer words allows the system to allocate more characters per line, which in turn reduces the need for lines with lots of excess whitespace between (or within) words. This capability appears to be utterly absent in the current Wdesk.

  • Saskia Mueller

    Dear all, 

     I would like to push this topic, as our client is requesting the hyphenation for the german report, so that the design layout agency could work directly on the platform. This would be very helpful, thank you!!



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