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Presentation Enhancements - templates and conversions



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  • Mike

    Great suggestions all around, Greg.

    I'm getting these ideas separated and shared on our end. I would definitely encourage others to share their use case/need for these too, and any insights.

    We have the same headaches internally regarding item 1. Below are some tips we provide on updating slide layouts and text styles.

    1. Open the new presentation template. In the new template, locate a slide with text, and highlight it within the text block. In Edit click the Styles dropdown, and select Edit Style Guide.
    2. In the tab bar, click Export, and save this file and then return to the new Presentation
    3. In the View tab, click Layouts and copy all the slide layouts in the left panel
    4. Open your prior Presentation and navigate to View, click Layouts and paste in the new layouts from your clipboard below the existing layouts along the left panel. Click Exit Layouts.
    5. Locate a slide with text, and highlight a text block. In the Edit tab, click the Styles dropdown, and select Edit Style Guide
    6. From the Style Guide Editor, Import the style file you 
saved previously and return to the file
    7. In Slide Properties, you'll need to update each slide Layout to the new backgrounds
    8. Once all slides have been updated, you can delete the previous Layouts

    Give me a holler if there are questions on these steps. Thanks again and chat soon!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Mike,

    same questions Greg posted came to me after using Workiva for a couple of days now. The "Layout Robot" functionality for documents and presentations would be highly appreciated. Also, the 2nd feature mentioned above would help quite a bit to create a proper slide library from which any user can pull the required slides and does not need to check the position of text boxes first. Any progress here?

    Thanks a lot,


  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the community, Julius! Thanks for sharing your insights. They are much appreciated.

    As far as progress here, it is slow going. Both these items remain proposed with our product team and haven't really budged much. However, each little bit helps raise it to the top, so thanks for chiming in.

    We'll keep taking in requests here and will keep you updated on progress as well. Let me know what questions you have for me in the meantime. Thanks again and happy Friday!


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