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Insert page number for sections multiple pages



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    Great news! A recent release has pushed out the option to insert a Section Page Number directly into the text of your document. This is found under the Insert menu in the Edit tab:

    Note that this feature inserts the first page of the section chosen.

    Hopefully ya'll make some good use out of this new feature. Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience and keep stayin' great!

  • Mike

    Hi Daisy!

    The answer here is two parts. First, this is not yet available, i.e. to insert auto-text of a single page number versus a section page number. Second, this particular enhancement is actually prioritized for release sometime in Q4 2021. I've shared your interest and insights with our product team and will keep you updated, so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

    In the interim, I'd be curious how others approach this today too. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. 😉


    I use this workaround. In my document, that table of contents would be in a table. There would be 3 hidden columns in the table. The first column would hold the page link for the next section (the same one used in the next row's first page). The second column would be for me to manually key that number. Unfortunately, the link that puts the "4" in C3 below, is seen as "#Section" and not really the number 4, so I have to manually key the value. The third column holds a formula that subtracts 1 from the manually keyed page number. Then, the second link in column B is from column E. After keying the numbers in column D, hide the three columns and no one knows they're even there.

    The colors below are only for illustrative purposes. The blue represents the auto page number that Wdesk can provide. The green represents a link from another cell (the result of the formula in column E).

  • Mari Wells

    Currently looking for a solution for this as well! Thanks for asking Dalisay and for the workaround Jennifer! 

  • Mari Wells

    Thanks Derek! Will try this.

  • Angie Manolopoulos

    Hi Mike!  In regards to the option to insert a Section Page Number directly into the text of our document - just wanted to verify: 

    1. This can only insert the first page of the section? So if we need to include the last page of the section, or a certain page within the section, this functionality will not help with that?




  • Mike

    Hi Angie!

    Thanks for reaching out. You are correct in the interpretation of this enhancement, i.e. it only pulls the page number for the first page. Pulling in a specific page number is not yet supported, though it is being looked at.


    Derek Ching, I looked at your workaround and am planning on trying it, but I have a question. Doesn't the blank section show up weird when you export to PDF?


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