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Dashboard of sorts



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  • Permanently deleted user

    We have a SEC schedule tracking sheet which has each workpaper name, preparer, reviewer and due date. I linked it to a dashboard to track the status of which schedules have not started, prepared, or reviewed using "=IF" formulas. The dashboard shows by area (financials, footnotes, MD&A, etc.), by preparer and by reviewer, how many schedules are in which status. I would like to make it more dynamic by showing what is due in the upcoming days and what is past due, but I need to the "=TODAY" formula to be added to Wdesk. Otherwise, I need to enter todays date in order for the dashboard to be up to date, and it's not something I will remember to do each day. I want it to just be available in real time, so anyone can view it, we do not distribute the list or dashboard to the team. There were some examples that I downloaded from Wdesk (classic) that had some complex workbooks, and I loosely based our set-up on that, but again, without the TODAY formula, it wasn't worth the effort to make it more complex.

  • Ashley White

    @... Yes, just this quarter we started playing around with creating something similar to what you have uploaded here. It's helpful to see examples of how others may be formatting or using similar information. Ugh, yes! Ultimately, we would like to have the ability to capture a snapshot of our process, flagging what may be coming due, overdue, etc. Like you mentioned the only way to create that would be to update the date every day. I agree with you, I am also finding that it would not necessarily be beneficial to create something very complex without the Today formula. Thanks so much for commenting here and giving me an idea of how you/your team considered using some sort of dashboard. I'm hoping maybe if we can get some traction on a request for a dashboard for SEC Reporting, maybe Workiva will see that there is a need and desire for something like this! 

    - AW

  • Catherine Alqallaf

    I am also looking for a practical way to set up a dashboard to track activities related to SEC filings.


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