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Navigate from PBC request to the Test form



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  • Mike Davis

    Hi An!

    Interestingly enough, there actually was a period of time where Workiva did route to the test form but we received feedback on it so this change was reverted to what you see today. TMI, I know, but that being said we do plan to reevaluate so that there is more flexibility in terms of both contextually seeing control details, as well as a method of routing to the test form. I don't have much of a timeline for this but it likely will not be tackled until 2021.
    Hopefully that helps shed a little light on what you are seeing. I've definitely shared your feedback with our Product Team on this and will keep you posted as things develop. As always, give me a holler if you need anything else or have questions. Cheers!
  • An Nguyen

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for the interesting information you have shared. I am not sure about the rationale behind the past feedback on deleting the route to test form. If database roles and permissions to testing folders/ test forms are properly set, PBC providers will not be able to route to the test form -  that helps secure the test data and segregation of duties, and testers still have the flexibility to go back to the test phase where he/ she creates PBC request from. Did this route slow the platform's speed or direct to the wrong location- which possibly led to negative feedback?

    I found there is a way around for testers: they can copy and paste the link to the test phase in the request content, for example:, but that may confuse the assignee and does not look nice in the notification email.

    Happy to hear from other clients for best practices and best user experience.



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