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Export editable watermarks with revision date and time



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  • Mike

    Hi Tom!

    A customizable watermark and/or ability to insert revision + date & time stamp are definitely a popular requests. I don't have a timeline for when these features will be made available in Workiva, but they are enhancements that our Product Team is planning on adding in.

    As a workaround, Ruby covers a good example in this video that could work as far as inserting a revision and/or date & time stamp, although it would be a manual adjustment. To reiterate the workaround, you can now link into headers/footers in next gen so you could have a linked value of your revision # and/or date & time stamp there which you can update and export or send for review with that header/footer or choose to hide by keeping the linked value blank.

    In the meantime, I've shared your requests here with our Product Team for their consideration. Let me know what questions you have for me, or if you need anything else. Thanks again and chat soon!

  • Marjorie Snyder

    Agree with this request!

  • Eric Spring

    Agree please add this feature!

  • Angela Williams

    Um yes, can't believe this was requested 4 years ago and hasn't been added as a feature yet???


  • Stacey Borgstadt

    Any update on adding a function to edit a watermark and have it visible outside of just printing?

  • Isabel Messore

    Stacey Borgstadt,

    This feature is still planned for our product team however, there are no updates at this time. I can get you added to the feature request. That way, you'll automatically be notified of any progress!


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