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How do I show deleted text?



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    Quick follow-up here. As you might have already seen, inline track changes was released recently and you can now toggle that view on and off. Thanks so much for all your comments and contributions along the way, and your patience as well. Give us a holler if you have any questions or need anything else.


  • Mike

    Hi Paul!

    Great question. To confirm, when you say proofreading marks, do you mean non-printing characters, or Track Changes? When I enable Track Changes, for instance, and delete text, this change does show up for me. Once enabled, these edits are shown in the right-hand panel, like so:

    I'll add that inline Track Changes are not yet available in next gen but are planned to be available later this year.

    If I've missed the mark, or you have any questions on the above, just let me know. Thanks as always for your contributions and have an awesome day!

  • Peter Molnar

    +1 to wanting this feature ASAP!!!  Please make it happen Mike!

    Having just switched to next-gen, track changes is critical to our business and our drafting process. The current next-gen track changes is nearly worthless without the ability to see deleted text in line, and is more like a tracked "adds"  than a true "track changes".  And while we are add it, can we get rid of the right side panel showing the deleted text.  That's totally worthless since I have to look in two places for where text moved! Inefficient and clunky.  Have the programmers refer to the "classic" generation on how this should look.  Let's not recreate the wheel on something that was not broken!

  • Paul Goode

    Thanks, Mike--

    "Proofreading Marks" is a button under View.

    I have to second Peter's observation. It's great to know that inline Track Changes that includes deleted text will be available soon, as it is critical. 

    General thought: Workiva is in great position to become a broad-based corporate tool. To accomplish that, there are some architectural concerns that it will have to come to grips with. In addition to inline change tracking, others (off the top of my head) are the overall handling of numbering (sections and captions, in particular), the style set (too much reliance on Normal), and tables (especially sizing). Even the work flow -- which I'm guessing is well-designed for submissions -- is convoluted when it comes to internal documents. Please consider this in the spirit of a new user wanting WDesk to succeed.

  • Magdalena Galik

    Hello, the inline track changes are a must for deletions!! It's so easy now to miss what was deleted and my upper management is already concerned as it delays their review process. please provide ETA for this update. thanks!

  • Mike

    Hi Magdalena et al!

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, and for the reminder. This feature is definitely being worked on and is a a top priority for Q1 2021. As we get closer to a date, I'll let you know for sure, and as always, stay tuned to What's New for those updates.

    In the meantime, give me a holler if you need anything else or have questions. All the best and happy Wednesday!

  • Paul Goode

    Mike-- Thanks to you and the developers for moving so quickly on in-line track changes. We began taking advantage immediately, and it makes a big difference 9n terms of time saved and better editing. Very much appreciated.

  • Mike

    You are quite welcome, and thanks for sharing the kind words. I'll certainly pass those along as well. 😊


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