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Can you duplicate/copy paste a whole section within the same document outline?



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Great news! A recent release to Workiva has now made duplicating a section (or sections) available. Just select one (or more) section(S) and right-click to see the Duplicate option.

    The copied section will bring links, formatting and XBRL (if applied).

    Also available in this release is the option to bulk delete. Thanks for your feedback and patience. Give us a holler if you have any questions. Cheers!

  • Rachael Abdelkhalek

    Hi Miguel - 

    Welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to say duplicate section is not currently an available feature. I appreciate your feedback that this would be valuable for you and I'll be sure to send your request to our development team for consideration. 

    Have a great weekend, 

  • Seng Xiong

    Yes that would be a great option when you're having to just copy one section and setting the other as non printing because of different rules.  Thanks.

  • Madison Ames

    Seng Xiong Thanks for your comment! I have passed your suggestion along :)

  • Elizabeth Palmer

    I would also find this feature useful.

  • Mike

    Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth :)

  • Anthony DeBlanc

    how do I delete a part of document outline without deleting it from the document - reorganizing footnotes.


  • Mike

    Hi Anthony!

    Happy to help here. To make sure I follow, you are needing to edit/remove part of the document outline but not delete the section outright, is that correct?

    If you double-click on an outline section, you are able to rename it, or from the outline panel itself you can move it up or down through the buttons at the top or by dragging it.

    The only caveat here is that this is restricted based on your permission to the file, i.e. a Viewer cannot make such edits. Does this help, or have I missed the mark here. Let me know what questions you have and if you need anything else. Thanks, and happy Friday!


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