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EFM 6.5.40 - DEI Elements XBRL Validation Warning



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  • Tamara Hergert

    I've checked with our CSM and here is how to resolve these warnings:

    You should add two new rows to the DEI section and put a “false” as a value for these two line items, if you are not a Small business or an Emerging growth company. Use dei:EntitySmallBusiness and dei:EntityEmergingGrowthCompany tags to tag the new concepts. If you want to read the SEC ruling and figure out if your company falls in a Small Business or an Emerging Growth Company category, read this ruling

  • Mike
    That is correct, Tamara, for the 2018 taxonomy, you'd need to tag both items to address the issue. Furthermore, you'd want to also make sure you are including the tag dei:EntityFilerCategory as well, which you should already historically be tagging.


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