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Option for "Prefer to have table break after this row" in Wdesk isn't working



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  • Officiële opmerking

    I had a quick follow-up here. Under table properties, there are some settings for Table Breaking, which are new in next gen compared to classic. Would either the "Always break across pages" or "Only break when table exceeds X% of the height" help at all in your case? I wasn't sure how aware of these settings you were, or how much they are used. By default, its always set to "Never break if smaller than a page".

    Let me know what questions you have in the meantime. Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Carol Stephenson

    Any update on this issue?

  • Ben Andrews
    In my experience, the table actually has to be bigger than the page it’s on for that option to work, and then it functions nicely, as does the repeat headers option. However, if you have a table that starts halfway down the page (but isn’t larger than a page if it were to start at the top), and you are trying to get it to break at a specific point, it won’t do it. Not sure if that is what you are running into, but I’ve seen that as well. Either way, definitely would like to be able to force break a table that is shorter than 1 page.
  • Mike
    Ben is correct, this only works for a table that expands greater than the size of the page, otherwise that option would be sort of moot.

    That being said, the ability to force break a table is definitely something our Product Team is investigating and I've shared both your insights with the team. I'll keep you updated here going forward.

    Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime. Thanks as always and have a great rest of your day!
  • Cathryn Stovall

    Looks like the last post on this was 2 years ago.  Is there any update?  I am trying to break a table into two pieces now and not having any luck.  I'm trying to break it up so that when exported to Word or PDF it will look ok in both documents.  Would really like to have the export to Word work better so we don't run into these issues.


  • Mike

    Hi Cathryn,

    Sadly, I do not have any new updates on this enhancement request. I've brought it up with our Product Team again to take a closer took at it and will let you know if that changes.

    In addition, some of what you are describing seems also like it could be a support related issue too. I've connected with our Support Team and we'll likely be in touch to see if we can get some examples of what you are seeing so they can diagnose. So certainly thanks for letting us know about your issues and frustrations. Your input is definitely appreciated.

    We'll be in touch, but if you have any questions for me in the meantime just give me a holler. Thanks again and take care!

  • Mike

    Hi Carol!

    Thanks for the question. There's not been any change in this functionality since my last update two years ago. The table break settings are still controlled in the same manner. Are you running into similar issues with regards to your table breaks?

  • Jessica Strayer

    Hello, I would also like to see this function implemented.  We have a table that fits on one page, but we have footnotes below it that are on the next page.  It would be nice to put part of the table on the second page so the footnotes aren't orphaned.  Thank you!


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