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Tips on how to file a 10-Q/A



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  • Mike

    Hi Barbara,

    While an amendment is probably not your favorite of filings, they are at least pretty easy to assemble. I can give you a few pointers for setting one up.

    First, its the project that denotes it is an amended filing, not the document. You'll need to create a new project with the type 10-Q/A. The document type would still be 10-Q.

    Second, you should determine if XBRL needs to be re-filed. Generally speaking, XBRL would need to be supplied if a change was made to the financials or other items that would affect XBRL though we advise determining this with your legal counsel. EFM 6.5.20 gives guidance as well.

    If XBRL needs to be supplied you should change your DEI accordingly. The tags dei: DocumentType, dei: AmendmentFlag and dei: AmendmentDescription should be updated/added. If you really, really desire to re-file XBRL but its not required then you need only update the dei: DocumentType tag but not the others mentioned above.

    Third, you should re-create your 10-Q document based on your needs. If XBRL were required, you would want to either export and import the project (with XBRL included) or perform a Copy. If XBRL is not needed then I would suggest exporting and importing WITHOUT XBRL as this will reduce the confusion and make the process go faster. Either way, this imported/copied version will become your amendment.

    Lastly, you'll need a slightly edited cover page and explanatory note. Your cover should of course say 'Form 10-Q/A' and an optional amendment number. Also it should contain the legal-esque explanatory note, which is usually immediately following the first page of the cover but preceding the table of contents. This is likely the same verbiage that is used for your amendment description if required for XBRL.

    After all this is said and done the filing wizard is very much like any other 10-Q filing so no surprises there. A template cover page is available for upload from your CSM but you can certainly peruse the SEC for how other companies amend. Let me know if you have any questions on the above and hope your amendment goes well. Thanks for the question and happy filing!


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