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Query User Activity



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  • Isabel Messore

    Hi Nick Ryberg!

    To my knowledge, there is no option to use Activities data as a source in Wdata query. However, the Workiva Admin API does have endpoints for retrieving Activities. For example, one endpoint allows you to retrieve a list of organization activities. It is possible to build a chain using HTTP Request commands to integrate with the Workiva Admin API and extract the data, which can then be imported into a table or written to a spreadsheet.

    I hope this helps!

  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Nick Ryberg,

    In addition to Isabel's suggestion of using Chains and the HTTP Request Connector, you can also pull user information with the Workiva List Users Command. I am including this suggestion to consider since this Command does not require the use of HTTP Request Connector and provides information about users in your Organization including username, email address, SAML ID, last login, workspace memberships, and licenses and roles. You can then use further Connectors and Commands within Chains, such as Tabular Transformation, to parse and filter through the user information.


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