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Formatting destination links in a document that are not in a table



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  • Courtnie Carver

    Hello Karen, 

    When you right click on the source link, go down to 'Link Options' and select 'Value Formatting' the right hand panel should pop up. In the panel there will be a dropdown that you can click on. It likely says 'text' currently because you mentioned it is within a paragraph. If you change this to one of the other options the additional formatting choices that you are looking for should appear. 

    This should be the same case for the destination. However, if that does not work please let us know. 

  • Karen Charlton

    The problem was I was not able to see all the formatting options for some reason, only section, paragraph and table. Possibly related to internet issues we were experiencing. Today I can see them all and am able to change what I want to.

    Thanks for your quick response.


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