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.png images with transparent background changes to white background when exporting to CMYK PDF



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  • Isabel Messore

    Good morning @...,

    Apologies for the delay, I was doing some digging on this question for you. As I understand it, PNG do not support CMYK. If you are taking a pdf to print there is likely other work you'll need to do in Acrobat pro and/or pitstop before it will be good enough for the printer. The recommended workarounds are as follows:
    1. If you are using raster or SVG images with transparency and you know that you will later want to export to PDF with CMYK for printing, avoid using background images or background colors.  Just use a white background for your document.
    2.  Work around transparency + background + CMYK by flattening.  So, if you knew you were going to have to export with CMYK and had background images and foreground images with transparency, preprocess in an image editor like PhotoShop and flatten the foreground image into the background image.  Then set the flattened image as the page background. This could get tricky with text that is supposed to flow around the foreground image, but I think that could be handled with floating textboxes
    3. Export the PDF as RGB and then convert to CMYK via via acrobat and pitstop

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