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Change Paragraph Properties (Numbering) in Bulk



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  • Isabel Messore

    Hello Kashmir Sainiak!

    There is a feature coming soon that will help with this but it's not quiiite ready today. I can get you added as a follower to that request so you'll be notified of any updates. It is expected to be released this quarter, in Q2.

    In the meantime, there is a workaround used by other customers. With this type of numbering for headings, a suggestion is to maintain a spreadsheet with a formula that automatically updates the numbering if headings are added/removed, and then link from the spreadsheet into the document to ensure the numbering will not require manual updates.

    Hope this helps!

  • Kashmir Sainiak

    That is good news! Will to Q2 update apply to existing documents, or only net-new files?

    For the interim fix, would we need to create all new linkages to a spreadsheet? Currently, a challenge point in adjust (beyond it being manual) is that our document was created with variations of numbering. More specifically, depending on the section the "Restart at" or "List Text" or radio buttons can all be different. Is that able to be streamlined without overhauling the entire document?

  • Isabel Messore
    I believe the feature will only apply to new files. As of now, there isn't any "converter" tool that could be applied to an existing document to clear out those radio button selections and apply legal list numbering to headings.
    In regards to the interim fix for your specific scenario, Workiva suggestion is to perform a one-time uplift to "fix" the ad hoc numbering approaches that are causing problems and replace it with a consistent approach. There's two options here: 
    • Create all new linkages to a spreadsheet that uses formulas to automatically renumber when headings are added/removed/moved.
    • Wait for the Q2 release and go through and apply the legal list option to the headers.
    I believe with either option, you would want to clear the restart or prefix selections before you begin; and if the section names in the outline include numbering - maybe remove it and have only text there, so it doesn't require future maintenance of renaming sections in the outline to match the new numbers in the text.

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