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Exposing tasks via Platform API



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    Aaron Robles

    Hi Andrew, that's correct and expected behavior. We purposefully do not include Tasks that are created by or are part of a Process within the Tasks API, as it would open to door for some anti-patterns and sticky situations that could have negative unintended consequences to your Processes and Tasks.

    Instead, in the future one would use fully featured Process APIs to work with Processes and affect their subsequent tasks. 

    The good news is that this Processes API is on our roadmap!

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Thanks for the update and explanation Aaron Robles. Eager to see the Processes API. In the meantime, it might be nice if the Tasks endpoint documentation mentioned this behavior, as it definitely wasn't intuitive.

  • Aaron Robles

    Andrew McKenzie You're welcome! If you're ok with it I can add you to a list of people to reach out to when the Processes API is in prototype, so you could test things out and give us feedback on those. 


    I'll create a ticket for that documentation you linked to be improved and more transparent with the API's limitations and functionality, you've got a great point there.

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Sounds good Aaron Robles and, yes, we would look forward to trying out the prototype.

  • Andrew McKenzie

    I want to revive this thread as we've recently discovered that the Platform API /tasks endpoint doesn't return ESG program tasks, either.

    In this case, our goal was to programmatically trigger reminders for selected tasks. If the task ID were available through an ESG Program query, this would have also solved our problem (and perhaps have been preferable), but since it doesn't, we thought we could pick up these tasks via API.

    Once again, there would both ideally be a solution for this, but also the API documentation should reflect this.


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