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Bulk Add/Remove Members to Groups



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  • Michael Ibekie

    Hi Rebecca - thank you for the feedback. I'm a Senior Product Manager here at Workiva. I'd like to dig more into your feedback and use case. Would you mind emailing me directly at Let's set up a call, so I can better understand your situation. 

  • Lisa De Vries

     Good day, we have a similar issue with a customer in terms of adding users to the workspace in bulk with a role already assigned. Is it at all possible to look into a template that allows for users to be imported to the workspace with the role already assigned in the template so it is automatic into the workspace.

    The client has 600+ users and want to add users to both their sandbox and production/live workspace and the issue is both the duplication as this cannot be copied over once done in one workspace as well as the bulk assignment and having to do the manual task of selecting each user and assigning the relevant role. We have suggested using groups but this will also require a manual selection of users to be included in each group as highlighted by Rebecca above. 

    If there is an easier way for us to resolve this for the customer, happy to take any suggestions. Thanks so much :)

  • Abegail De Waal

    It would be good if there is an automated way of adding users to custom groups who have the same characteristics. e.g. all Control preparers, reviewers, owners are automatically added to a group as we would email or send certifications to all in that group if they are control owners, preparers reviewers and if the name changes in the Control form by the business its hard for Group to keep tack. It means we would have to do a vlookup every time for name changes. where as if the name changes in that field, the group gets automatically updated. Happy for you to contact me on it. thanks


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