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5 steps to adding Auditors to Workiva



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  • Yan Li

    Nice article. For the Limited Starter roles, can they put comments in the files send to their review? I believe they can and their comments should appear in Workiva for us to see once they publish them. Please confirm. Thanks!

  • Mike Davis

    Thanks Yan!

    Happy to help answer this for you.

    I can confirm that when you create a review to be sent to your Limited Starters, they can comment on the review you have sent. However, you can set what level of comments that exist already are viewable, and if any of their comments (or newly added comments in the live file) will flow back and forth. Here's the breakdown:

    I should add too that coming out later this quarter is permissioned comments, which can further aid in keeping comments in your live file out of the prying eyes of auditors. :)

    Holler if you have any questions for me or need anything else. Cheers!




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