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Chain scheduler bug?



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    Tony Scalese

    Hello Samir,

    Thank you for using the community!  This appears to be something that we'll need the support and engineering teams to evaluate.  Can you please open a ticket by using the Support -> Create a Ticket menu in the header.  Likewise you can email or call at one of the numbers listed on the support page.



  • Samir Toumi

    Thanks Tony, done.

  • Kevin Burns

    Interesting that I see this post as I'm researching Chain schedules. I am using schedules for the first time and have it set to run every hour. It shows in schedules as such but as each hour passes it never runs. There are no triggers associated with the chain and I've also verified the chain has been published in my dev environment. I can manually run the chain with no errors but the scheduler won't run it. I wonder if this bug pertains to my issue as well?

    Thanks Tony for submitting that ticket.


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