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XBRL combine documents and turning to xhtml



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    Great news! This is now available for use in the Workiva Platform. We're tracking some additional improvements, and please share any feedback you have. Thanks for your patience along the way, as always, and have a stellar day!

  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the community, Julian!

    Great question. I did some asking with our ESEF experts and it would seem like currently this is not possible. We did want to confirm, are you asking to combine XHTML and then PDF? We do have some requests for the option to combine XHTML (similar to this ask).


    Hi Mike,

    that´s so. Sandra is collaborating with us on the building of financial reporting. Looking into XBRL it would seem that by way of that feature we are able to generate xhtml document so if there was chance to install it on any document either XBRL or not, there would have been success. 


  • Mike

    Thanks for the follow-up, Julian. That helps.

    While we wouldn't recommend saving as PDF from XHTML, we acknowledge that that would be a function of how they save the XHTML currently. We do have some internal work for combining XHTM, and from that point you'd be able to do whatever you want with the file from there. I'll be sure to tag your request onto that and keep you updated.

    Thanks again and happy Friday!


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