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Copy from excel and paste values into worksheet

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  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Sukaina!

    Thanks for the question. One thought is that instead of copy/paste, would importing the XLSX work? Or possible using Wdata Connections updating via an import of the Excel.

    More info on both those an be found below on our Help site.

    In the meantime, let me know what questions you have. Thank again for your contributions and chat soon!

  • Maria Ortega

    Any updated to the option for paste in values? 

  • Mike

    Hi Maria,

    It's been awhile and I wanted to make sure I follow this correctly. 

    Possibly there is some confusion occurring in terminology mismatch. In Workiva, when pasting a cell range selection from outside, i.e. Excel , and into a Workiva Spreadsheet, the copied items will always paste in as values. However, when pasting a cell range selection from a Workiva Spreadsheet to another Workiva sheet, it will paste the content as-is (with formulas), but you can adjust this via the blue clipboard menu which does allow for pasting values only.
    Let me know if this help at all or you have any follow-ups for me and I'll be happy to help. Thanks again and chat soon!



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