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XBRL - Expand Text Covered By Text Block Tag



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  • Commento ufficiale

    The ability to resize and move an XBRL text block tag is now available. Thank you for your patience and feedback along the way. Happy tagging and have a great day!

  • David Winn

    Hi Nuphar,

    What you have described is a valid workaround. The preferred work around however has been to copy the XBRL Fact, delete it, create a new fact over the desired range of text, and then paste the Fact details onto the new fact. We are aware of this feature gap and are actively developing the move feature for next gen.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

  • Justin McDonald

    Hi David,


    I'm having this same issue, but the text of the footnote goes onto two pages. I try highlighting the text from the beginning of the footnote to the end, jumping over onto the next page, but it only allows me to highlight text on a single page, but not the entire footnote. Is that normal, making the only work around the one mentioned above?

  • Mike

    Hi Justin,

    I do have a quick update for you. I believe the particular feature gap that David mentioned was addressed a very recent release. If you can, give it a whirl to see if that is resolved for you. Let me know what you find and if you have any questions for me. Thanks much and have a great day!

  • Glen Schepers

    Mike, I assume you are saying there is now a feature where we can move the beginning or ending of a tag.  I still don't see that feature available.  Don't see anything that allows us to move the area selected for a tag.

  • Mike

    Hi Glen!

    Actually, as it relates to your particular case, that is not yet possible but is currently being developed. I don't have a timeline for you on when it will be released, but I've connected your request with this which you can follow along with here. In the meantime, let me know if there are any questions for me or you need anything else. Thanks much!

  • Lisa Miller

    Following as this is also an ongoing issue for us as well.  Anytime anything is added to a footnote, it is a cumbersome process now to try and include the new disclosure in the text block.  The ability to drag in classic was far superior in functionality than what NextGen is currently offering.


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