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Barcode font (for statutory reporting / NAIC filings)

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  • Rachael Abdelkhalek

    There is a barcode font available called "Abri Barcode 39A". You can reach out to Support to have it enabled on your account if this is something you'd like to have access to! 

  • Jared Kastriner

    Megan - are you populating your NAIC blanks using WDesk? If so, I would like to chat about how you are achieving that.

  • Megan Butler

    Jared Kastriner

    Hi Jared - At this time, what we are using the barcode font for is to create cover pages for our statutory audits in WDesk. Barcodes come out consistently and neatly and only having to roll forward the year in one place is much easier. 

    Other folks did test out if we could set up jurat pages for our Annual Statements in here, since we create PDFs that are imported into our annual statement software, but decided to retain their current process. 

    We aren't populating anything in our annual statements from Wdesk, other than our footnotes and related efiles. For the efiles, we often have a subsheet to the main footnote data sheet that links out and rearranges the data in a less visually appealing way, but that allows us to copy and paste into the layout of our vendor's multiple-statement entry. 


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