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Changing the sign for a linked value

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  • Jennifer C.

    I have the same question. Has anyone figured this out yet?

  • Ekaterina Postow

    Yes, you have to right click on the link, link options, value formatting, then check off "use absolute value"

  • Jennifer C.

    The underlying number is not negative; therefore, it is not using absolute value. Our consolidation software produces consolidated face statement numbers where the liabilities are positive. I need to flip those signs to negative for use in my cash flow workpaper.

  • Mike

    Hi Jennifer,

    A little late to the party here. Sadly there's not been any new advancements here. I checked with our experts and there's no direct way to flip the sign of a value. The workarounds suggested are akin to the above, i.e. adding another column to your spreadsheet with a =0-Cell calc all the way down, and then linking those values instead.

    I am happy to share your experience and need back with our development team as we look further info this feature request. We'll keep you apprised there as well.

    In the meantime, give me a holler if you have any follow-ups. Thanks again and happy Friday!

    P.S. thanks for contributing as well, Ekaterina!


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