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How to manage obsolete users?



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  • Liz Walters

    Hi Udo,

    Thank you for your question! A common approach that we see is to leave the name of the inactive user in the Person record but add "INACTIVE" in front to make it more clear. This way, you'll be able to keep a record of the user's actions, but it'll be easy to tell that they are not a current user. Hope this helps! 

  • Candice Adams

    We are struggling with this as well. We have run many internal tests and have not found the best way to remove and keep history. It is not ideal to keep all the obsolete users in the application. It is our best practice to do user reviews of all systems and remove user accounts as needed.

  • Karen Charlton

    Since I also ran into the issue of "Author not found", I suspended users who we no longer want to have access to our organization. Are there potential problems with this approach?

  • Mike Davis

    Hi Karen!

    That's good approach. The only problem would possibly be that when the user attempts to regain access they'd not be able to until you manually un-suspend them, though I'm guessing you're likely aware of this.


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