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Difference between a "task owner" and "task editor"?




  • Joshua Moore

    Hi Jonathan!

    Here's some insight on those different roles. As well as a help article that goes over this as well.

    • Owners can set permissions, upload files, download or remove existing files, provide comments, delegate tasks, and submit requests. Those with Owner permissions to a PBC request can perform all the actions of a Provider on a request.
    • Editors can upload files to the request, download or remove existing files, and provide comments, but cannot submit the request or update permissions.
    • Viewers can view the request, download any existing files, and can comment on the request but cannot upload files or submit the request.

    Hope this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!


  • Jonathan Maldonado

    Hi Joshua, 

    Thanks for clarifying.  When you say editors "cannot submit the request", does that mean they cannot close the request once it is completed?  Can I assume that the right of closing a request is entirely delegated to a request "Assignee"?

  • Joshua Moore

    Yes that is correct Jonathan! Editors can not click the "approve" or "submit" buttons. Owners can submit request though. If you have any more questions or need more clarity feel free to ask! I'm happy to help.


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