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Run Query Errors




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    Wayne Paffhausen

    Hello Leonard Hughes,

    I'm a bit confused on your request.  Are you trying to do something with the API via a tool like PostMan or are you asking to solve for Run Query?

    To solve for RunQuery it appears you have not adequately generated an Oauth2 grant per the documentation and configured it for the Workiva connector.  I would suggest the following:

    1. Ensure you have an OAuth2 grant setup per the docs:
    2. Ensure that the information for the User Created has access to the artifacts you are using inside of Wdata
    3. Ensure that the ClientID / ClientSecret are specified inside of the Chains Connector per the docs:

    Please kindly let us know if you are still getting any errors.  Please paste the full details of the LOGS tab from within chains.

  • Leonard Hughes
    🔌 Workiva BizApp1.0.0 
    ⚙️ Run Query Configuration:  
            Admin Host Override: 
             Run Asynchronously: false 
                      Client ID: 3760f8517255452aa3f8742193ee67e6 
                  Client Secret: ENCRYPTED 🔐 
         Graph DB Host Override:  
                       Query ID: 
            Multi-select Params: [] 
                         Params: [{"key":"Previous_Year","value":"2019"},{"key":"Current_Year","value":"2020"},{"key":"Current_Period","value":"3"}] 
    Command description: Runs a query and immediately returns a query result entity. This entity has an id that can be used to download to export the results. 
    Error authenticating with Workiva: unknown error (status 403): {resp:0x9ca2000}  
    Result: Error authenticating with Workiva: unknown error (status 403): {resp:0x9ca2000}  
  • Leonard Hughes

    Workiva has its own API correct? So where do I need to input this "" documentation to be able to connect with it? DO I need to create a chain element to be able to house the authentication requests?


    Thanks for the help, im having issues with both the authentication and the run query. I wasnt sure if they were both related.


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