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Can I copy an xbrl outline section from one document to another?




  • Gerry Alt
    Hi Michelle!
    Yes, you can copy XBRL outline sections to another document, so long as both documents are in the same taxonomy, i.e., both "US GAAP 2021" or both "US GAAP 2021 (DEI 2021 Q4)", etc. To copy, just click on the outline section or subsection and CTRL+C. Then go to desired location and CTRL+V. Let me know if that does not work or you have any further questions.
    Thank you!
  • Michelle Redditt

    Thank you. I just realized that my issue was that I was clicking on the open space in the outline when I click control V, vs. actually clicking on an existing outline item. So, I guess the issue was that I wasn't selecting the location. 


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