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FERC Releases Draft 2.0 Taxonomy - What does this mean for You?



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    Great news! The FERC 2.0 Taxonomy is now available in the Workiva Platform and has been enabled on all FERC related Workspaces. Should you have a service engagement with Workiva, your professional services manager will be migrating your Annual FERC Form to the latest 2.0 version on your behalf in the near future. Should you want to migrate yourself, please refer to the following Help article for additional support on performing this migration.

    As a reminder, the 2.0 Taxonomy is required for ALL Annual FERC Forms in order to successfully file to FERC. For more information around this taxonomy update, an on-demand recording of the February 11th webinar that demonstrated this migration process and discussed the risks of the new 2.0 taxonomy is available on the Workiva Learning Hub.  An additional webinar which will also discuss this final taxonomy implementation and continued important items around managing your Annual Forms is scheduled for Friday, February 25th at 1:00 p.m. CT. You may register for that event and future FERC webinar events here.

    Please note that Workiva has already identified a number of incorrect Validation errors and Rendering issues in the final files provided by FERC. We are continually communicating feedback to FERC on these updates. Nonetheless, it is likely there will be additional Viewer and Validation updates to come over the next month in order to resolve these ongoing filing impediments.

    We are excited to make available for you the latest technology updates from FERC and are committed to the success of your first Annual Form filings. Please do not hesitate to contact Workiva Customer Support , your Professional Services Manager, or here in the Community should you have any additional questions or concerns around this new taxonomy update.

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