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PDF Functionality in the Markup viewer




  • Udo


    I would suggest 2 workarounds.

    a) We are not working with highlighting but we use red frames, text boxes, callouts, arrows and all that stuff in a pdf editor and upload the pdf afterwards. Once we open it in the Markup Viewer, everything is displayed without a problem. Maybe use this instead of highlighting.

    b) Use the 'Open in Local File Snyc'-functionality, so the attachments are opened in your default pdf viewer. I use this for big PDFs as it is sometimes faster than opening it up in the Workiva Markup Viewer.


  • Bill Mickey

    Thanks Udo, 

    The problem is, our business areas are marking up these PDF's during the normal course of their business.  When we request support to audit, they they supply them to us, but Workiva will not display them correctly.  These aren't PDF's we are marking up before we upload, they are PDF's that are being used in our business processes, and then being uploaded.  


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