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Clarification on roles (toolbox admin, form layout editor, etc.)



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  • Mike

    Hi Henry!

    Great question. Thanks for asking. Lemme see if I can tackle these for ya.

    The first items for Dashboards ( Full ), Data, PBC Requests, Reports ( Full ) and Testing can be found below:

    The other items are not yet documented on the site but I can help explain them a bit.

    Data Configuration allows for the users to access the Report Builder function. This allows them to create reports from the Create menu in Reports experience and further edit reports from with Report Builder.

    Form Layout Editor allows users to modify custom form definitions for data types, audit and procedure forms, and test forms (though not for Remediation).

    Toolbox Admin and Toolbox Reviewer provide access to the toolbox. These roles are only accessible internally at Workiva, or selected Partners and should be used in conjunction with the Data Admin role.

    • Admin can access: data modeler, graph structure, data selections and commit mapping project
    • Reviewer can access: data modeler and graph structure, and can approve mapping project

    Hopefully this helps some. Let me know what questions you have for me there, or if you need anything else. Thanks much and happy holidays!


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