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How do I pull the latest file from a table?




  • Tony Scalese

    Hi Arpit,

    When you say pull the latest file from a table, are you talking about a Wdata table or from an RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, etc?


  • Arpit Srivastava

    Hi Tony,

    Pull the latest file from Wdata table.

  • Tony Scalese

    The List Files response gives you the Last Updated Time.  So you can loop over the response and use Dynamic Variables to store the latest date and file ID.  Once you have the latest date, then you can use the file ID to download the file and load to the SFTP site.  Conversely, you could use JSON to CSV to convert the List Files response to CSV and then use advanced query to find the max date.  

    This tutorial on the OneCloud Knowledge Base illustrates how to use the Dynamic Variables in a loop (iteration) to show you the concept.  This isn't the exact solution you need but it certainly shows you how to attack the problem.  

    Hope that helps.


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