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Get authentication token using HTTP Request




  • Jeff Hickey

    Hello Leandro. Could you please post the Postman collection here of the successful request made in Postman? Also which API endpoint specifically are you trying to hit? It looks like a Microsoft API. Could you link to the documentation for this particular endpoint?

  • Leandro Casal

    Hello Jeff, thanks for your reply. I'm sharing the postman collection of the successful request made in postman and below is the link to the endpoint documentation used to retrieve the token

    Postman collection

    Microsoft API endpoint doc

    Below you can see the successful response in postman

    Thanks, regards.

  • Tony Scalese

    Hi Leandro,

    Thank you for posting this additional information.  Unfortunately, the HTTP Connector does not currently support integration with REST API endpoints that require OAuth2 authentication.  

    Sorry for the inconvenience.  The forthcoming Connector Studio will be able to support these integration needs but that is tentatively planned for FY22 launch at this point.  

    What are you trying to accomplish with this integration?  We may be able to recommend another approach if we can learn more.



  • Leandro Casal

    Hi Tony Scalese, thanks for your reply.

    Our goal is to establish a two way API commucation between OneStream and Workiva as follows:
    Step #1. On Workiva, trigger OneStream REST API endpoint that extracts OneStream data
    Step #2. On OneStream, upload OneStream data to WData using WData API

    We've achieved Step #2,  we're now trying to achieve Step #1.

    OneStream Authentication implementation uses external sign in, using OAuth2 (bearer token).

    I hope this gives you an idea of what we're trying to accomplish, please let me know if you need more info. Any suggestion on how to perform this is going to be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, regards

  • Tony Scalese

    Thanks for the background.  Unfortunately, there is little you can do for #1 at this time.  The Connector Studio will allow you to build a Connector once it is generally available but for now, you will need to manually produce the file from OneStream and then process it with the Chain.  

  • Leandro Casal

    Ok, thanks


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