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Extract data from Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to Workiva as a file




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    Tony Scalese

    This issue is generally caused by changing the Runner between Commands.  Outputs from Commands can be shared from a CloudRunner to a GroundRunner but not from a GroundRunner to a CloudRunner.  Since HFM Commands require the use of a GroundRunner, my guess is that your Create File Command is setup to use a CloudRunner.  The Extract Data Command produced an Output on the GroundRunner and as I mentioned, a CloudRunner cannot read Outputs from a GroundRunner.

    Update your Create File Command to use the same GroundRunner that was assigned to the HFM Extract Command. 

  • Jeff Hickey

    Hello Nicolas, is the Create File node using the same GroundRunner that the HFM commands are using? If it is using CloudRunner, switch it to use the same GroundRunner has HFM commands.

  • nicolas.bendongue BENDONGUE

    Hi @... Jeff Hickey

    Many thanks for your quick answers. I was able to fix the issue by following your recommendations. Thanks.

    Now I am getting into a new issue. Please the below screen shot.

    Any help will be appreciated

    Many thanks,


  • nicolas.bendongue BENDONGUE

    Hi all,

    I just want to share with you an update regarding the last issue I had. The errors indicated that the file I was attempting to import was empty. Many thanks Jeff Hickey for you help.



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