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Unable to write data in worksheet using chains




  • Jeff Hickey

    Hello Shrutika, error 403 is a forbidden error. Make sure that the OAuth2 Grant is on the same Workspace as the Spreadsheet is and that the OAuth2 Grant has the scope Spreadsheet Write. Additionally the username associated with the OAuth2 Grant must have at least Editor permissions for the Sheet you are overwriting.

    More information on these areas can be found using the following links:

  • Shrutika Dalvi

    Hi Jeff,

    I have tried both options but still facing the same issue.

    The username has editor access on the sheet. The sheet on which I am trying to write is an empty sheet. Also the OAuth2grant is in the same workspace

  • Wayne Paffhausen

    Hello Shrutika Dalvi,

    What grants did you give the OAuth2 user?  

  • Shrutika Dalvi

    Hi Wayne,

    OAuth2 has editor permission on the file and on on the on the OAuth2 the scope is defined as "Spreadsheets write"


  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Shrutika,

    The following are further troubleshooting steps.

    -Does the Sheet contain any locked cells such as Destination Linked cells? Destination Linked cells will block the Overwrite Sheet Data command.

    -Does the username associated to the OAuth2 Grant have a license and Editor (or equivalent) Workspace role assigned to it? You will need to work with your Organization and Workspace administrator to verify both of these. The user must have license and roles that allow it to make edits in the Workspace.

    -Roughly how large is the dataset you are attempting to write to the Sheet? Spreadsheets are allocated a maximum of 2 million cells. This includes historically used cells as well. If your dataset is large and less than 2 million cells, test writing the data to a completely new Spreadsheet. If successful, you're most likely exceeding the cell limit on your original Spreadsheet. You can free up cell count by deleting entire rows and columns (not just individual cells), and Sheets.


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