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Rekindling Ask Me Anything

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  • Murphy Sauceman

    Hey Mike! Maybe an example of some of the questions that rolled through the prior events for context would be helpful in getting the conversation started. When I saw AMA, my first thought was football because a lot of fantasy football content creators will do random AMAs when they are trying to kill time... I promise I will not ask you whether I should start Miles Sanders or Cordarrelle Patterson in one of my fantasy leagues :-)

  • Mike

    Good call there, Murphy. Here's some of the events we hosted before.

    • Upgrading to the Next Generation of our Platform
    • All Thing SEC, Filing, and XBRL
    • What about Wdata?
    • Saying farewell to Flash by Dec. 2020
    • Connecting Your Data
    • The end of Flash and disabling Classic Wdesk

    We got a great response on the topics of upgrading to next gen, SEC/Filing and XBRL, and Flash/disabling Classic. Example included:

    Regarding fantasy football, that's a hard question. Outside of week 1, Miles Sanders has only netted like 6 pts a game so he's been kinda a bust. I am seeing that Cordarrelle is currently available for me to pick up, so I might consider that swap.


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