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Proxy Pictures



  • Peter Molnar

    We have done similar things like this in our proxy by adding in a table and entering the text and pictures in cells in the table.  

  • Derek Ching

    Thanks Peter.  Does the SEC recognize the picture as a jpg or gif when submitting?

  • Peter Molnar

    I believe EDGAR only allows for .jpgs.  I have had to convert some of our marketing images from .png to .jpg in order to upload them to the EDGAR site.

  • Mike

    Hi Derek!

    Great question. At this time you cannot wrap text around an image, although this has been requested as is being looked at (more info here). Peter's approach of an image in a table is likely the best, so you can control the size of the text columns and have it be inline with your image.

    When you EDGARize in Workiva, the image in your table will be included in your filing package as the format it is in when it was added. As far as SEC compliance, you can submit .jpg AND .gif, but .jpg is the more common, esp. so for higher quality images.

    Hope that helps some. Let me know what questions you have in the meantime. Cheers!


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