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XBRL - inconsistency in number display in SEC Viewer



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  • Mike

    Hi Paula!

    I checked with out experts on this and they mentioned that can occur as each subsection of the SEC Viewer will show values of each unit at the most precise accuracy used for that unit in that particular subsection (including any bleedthrough). So, if you had the values in the Debt note showing in ones, there is likely a value of that same unit in the Debt note with either a 0 or INF accuracy, which will cause all values of that unit to render in ones. is this possibly the case for you?

    It can hard to avoid this when there is bleedthrough and it isn't something that necessarily should be "corrected". It is a known inconsistency of the rendering and the accuracies should be set to the most precise accuracy per value. The iXBRL Viewer will show the value at the correct accuracy, but the legacy rendering will have this limitation of rendering all values in each subsection at the most precise accuracy per unit

    Hopefully that helps explain a bit of what you are seeing. Let me know if you have any questions on the above or need anything else. Stay awesome and happy Friday!



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