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How to share custom colors and/or view hex color codes?




  • Official comment

    Quick update for y'all here.

    Now in Workiva's color picker, if you hover over a color, you will see the Hex (#) value and the rgb value of the color.

    While this won't identify a color used in a file location by hovering over it, if you chose an item (like a cell, border, or highlighted text) you can see the value of the color selected. You can also see all the values for the pre-loaded colors and your custom colors too.

    Thanks for your patience along the way. Let us know if you have any questions on this or need anything else. Cheers!

  • Mike

    Hi Carter!

    Thanks for the question. Indeed, I'm not finding a great way to identify those colors directly in the application. However, this post has been asked previously about how to find a hex code, so the same process could be applied here to find out what colors you're using.

    To reiterate the steps there, depending on your operating system (Windows vs. Mac) and/or your browser (Chrome) there are some options. For Windows machines, there is an application called Instant Eyedropper which works pretty great at snagging this sort of info. This is only available for Windows machines and of course, you may need your own IT team to vet this before installing.

    Additionally, you could use a Google Chrome add-on, such as ColorPick Eyedropper or Eye Dropper. I just tested both one and found it to work pretty well

    You may need to have IT approve this add-on, especially if you don't have rights to edit your computer or applications.

    Let me know what questions you have there, and I'm happy to pass this along to our Product Team for a better way to see the hex does of customer colors being used. Holler if you need anything else, and happy Thursday!


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