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Adding and existing Document into a Folder



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  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Henry!

    Thanks for the question. Happy to answer this one for ya. To move an already created file to folder is pretty simple. You can do it one of two ways.

    Drag and Drop
    The Workiva Home screen supports the ability to drag and drop files between Folder locations. To drag and drop, you need have the Files tab selected first, Then, find the file you want to move, click and hold it and drag to the location you want it moved to on the Folder tree on the left-hand panel.

    The second option is to simply right-click on the file you wish to move and choose Move. From the next pop-up, you can choose what folder location you want to move it to.

    Both the above are shown a bit more on our Help site under the Move Files and Folders article.

    Let me know if I've missed the mark, or there are any questions for me on the above. Thanks much and have a great day!


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