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XBRL tagging




  • Mike

    Hi Ken!

    I'm looking into your first question as we speak. We had some clarification on this under the Classic platform, but I'm looking to confirm with our PSMs on this for sure. 

    Regarding your second item, I'm definitely happy to reiterate your concerns with the current XBRL blackline functionality. I'll circle back with the Product Team there to make sure I have your input connected.

    Chat soon otherwise and have a great day!

  • Mike

    Ok Ken, got a little follow-up for you here.

    For filers that are communicating this information for XBRL, the word "immaterial" is currently not eligible for transformation. Therefore, tagging will need to be done in a hidden section. We will keep you updated if this changes in the future!
  • Justin McDonald

    I agree on the XBRL blackline comment. They are not nearly as helpful in Next Gen as they were in classic. Not having an easy way in the Next Gen XBRL blacklines to see where in the document the tagging was changed makes it much less of an effective review tool. I would really like to see XBRL blacklines return to the classic functionality, where it was easier to see the tagging changes inline. 


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